I have GOT to get new glasses.  With all the reading and research I’ve been doing lately my eyes just won’t focus anymore.  It may have something to do with the minuscule scratches on the left lens.  I’ve been reading so many blogs with teeny, tiny print that it makes me stop and wonder if my font is too small or if the color scheme doesn’t quite work.  I don’t want to give all you faithful followers, (up to 13 now!!) a headache after reading my posts.
And my neck hurts.  I guess I tilt my head to the right as I read because the muscles on the left side of my neck and shoulders are very unhappy with me right now.  Not to mention my lower back.  I need to remember to sit up straight when I read.  I must be quite the sight sitting here like a near-sighted Quasimodo.
But it’s not just physical growth pains I am experiencing.  This is all still pretty new to me and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed from the onslaught of fresh information.  I am somewhat apprehensive each time I press that publish post button for fear I will be showing how little I know. 
Thankfully I am not alone in this process.  I am so grateful for a friend like Kayla Fioravanti and her willingness to help me figure out the great uses of Twitter, Facebook and Blogs.  And for all her social media friends who have stopped by to encourage me.  It’s a fun little place, this world of writing. 
My other fabulous friends keep me going as well.  They know a whole different side of me being a pain and love me anyway.  They are the best fans ever!
So that’s why I keep placing the arrow on that silly, dreaded publish post button and giving it a go.  No pain no gain, right?
Question:  Any areas in your life where you are experiencing growing pains?