Okay, so the E-Harmony chick from last Thursday’s post was pretty scary, though I have to say, I too love cats.  But not to the point of wanting all the cats in the world to live at my house so I can roll around with them and keep them in baskets on rainbows with little bows around their necks.  I think we all can say that’s a bit much.  But, I do love cats!

Mary and Martha
My cats are like my children, and I believe God demonstrates his love for us through our children.  And since I don’t have human children, I think God teaches me through my cats.
I have aptly named my cats Mary and Martha.  One evening I was sitting in my favorite chair reading my Bible.  Sweet Mary was sitting at my feet and gazing up at me in admiration, while Martha was busily chasing her tail around the room.  All we needed was a room full of men needing to be fed.
I adopted these lovely felines from the Animal Shelter.  They are precious little things, but are not always easy to love.  They pee on things to punish me, hawk up a fur ball for me to step on during my middle of the night potty run, shed enough fur for me to create a third cat, jump up on my lap when I’m trying to read or eat, rub up against my black pant leg and get fur everywhere, dig their claws into my leather sofa, jump up on the kitchen counters when I’m gone (I know it’s you Mary!), wake me up with their food crunching in the middle of the night as well as other gloriously annoying little habits.
But still, I love them.  I love the way they cock their neck and look at me as if to say, “I love it when you remember to feed me!”  I love that they need me.  I love that they want their scent on me even if it means cat fur on my pant leg.  And I don’t really mind the claw marks on my sofa because they got there when they jumped up to be near me. 
And when they don’t show any appreciation for my care of them is when I remember I haven’t shown much appreciation for God’s care of me.  And I think, oh yeah, Thank You, God!  Thank you for loving me even though I’ve hawked up a mess or two in my life.  Thank you for helping me set things right again.  You always let me climb up in your lap and forgive the unsightly marks I made to finally get back there.
And thank you for giving this single gal some furry friends to remind me how much You love me.
Question:  How does God work in your life to show you how much He loves you?