I just texted a dear friend telling her I was not going to move until I posted my first blog entry.  I also told her if I didn’t show up for lunch tomorrow that would be why.

I’ve had this blog site for months now and it just sits there on the World Wide Web all sad and lonely as a constant reminder of my high procrastination quotient.  But I refuse to enter one more comment on other blogs as anonymous, so here goes.
Shall I just press “publish post” now and call it good?  No, better not.  84 words is a measly first posting.
The irony of this moment is that I just visited a site where the blogger was addressing ways we lose focus in the writing process and let extraneous things distract us from the work at hand.  There were 48 comments at the time and the majority of them said they wasted time by reading blogs.  LOL, I’m in good company!
I have a dream of having the thoughts and stories in my head actually out of my head, in my computer and then out for others to read so they can wonder why in the world I would think such things in the first place.  So please dear blog reader, feel free to ask me, “Are you ever going to finish that memoir of your single life?” Or, “Hey, how’s that Mean Miss Brown the Music Teacher series coming along?”   I promise I won’t take any harshly worded promptings personally.  I would appreciate the kick in the pants.

Question:  Anyone out there procrastinating on a project?  Writing? Spring cleaning?  Scheduling that colonoscopy?