So the other day I’m going through the checkout line at the store when the young cashier looks at me and says, “We have a senior discount here, would that be something that applies to you?”  My response was a calm, “Wha…you…wha…wha…how…me…are you ki…how dare…wha…who…mmm…Noooooooo!”
She went on to explain they have to ask everyone that question, and I countered with, “Well Missy, you didn’t ask my friend ahead of me.”  Who, by the way, was standing there getting a great kick out of the situation.  To make matters worse, the woman behind me said, “I’m 20, can I get a discount too?”  Such fun they were all having at my expense.
The poor cashier looked at me and apologized for suggesting the discount.  I said, “Oh no, Honey, you’re giving me that discount now no matter what.”
I saved $2.30.

Question:  Has something like this happened to any of you yet?