There are times it is good to have a husband.  Let me rephrase that.  There are times it is good to have a husband who is handy and knows how to fix things.  My friend has one of those kinds of husbands.  She’s lucky; I’m jealous.

We spent several hours Saturday rigging up a giant PVC pipe tarp-holder-thingy for our upcoming Memorial Day weekend camping trip.  Since it has rained the last three times we’ve gone, we vowed to be better prepared this year.  Her husband was great and had the plans all drawn up and knew what to do.  We added our two cents worth, but in the end, it was his plan that came through for us.
The day began with a trip to Home Depot:  the husband, his wife, their 4th grade daughter, me and another single female friend.  That ratio had his testosterone at an unfair advantage to our estrogen.  He acts like it’s hard being outnumbered, but we know better.  He loves us.  Putting up with us is another point in his favor in addition to the whole deal about being good at fixing things.
Most of the time I’m fine with being single:  I’m good at it, don’t mind being alone, and can usually take care of myself.  But there are times when I go camping that I do wish I had a husband to help me set up my tent…and carry all the heavy stuff…and keep me from being afraid once it gets dark…and to have a fire burning when I wake up…and to load, unload, reload and unload the car…Okay, forget what I said about being able to take care of myself.  But it would also be nice having another man around to give my friend’s husband some testosterone to hang out with when the estrogen starts to get a little too chatty.
Question:  If you’re married, what is something practical you really appreciate about your spouse?  If you’re single, what is something practical you’re looking for in a spouse?