A couple of things happened at church today that reminded me of two of my least favorite things about being single.  One:  I feel like, just because I am talking to a single man, he may, or others may think I am hitting on him.  Two:  When a man recently becomes a widower I feel all eyes go to the single women at church to see if they are setting their sites.  Now granted, this could partly be in my insecure imagination.  Partly, but not completely.
Back in my twenties, being a nice friendly church going girl and following my mother’s lead in being welcoming to visitors, I went up to meet a young man who had placed membership at the service.  Well, after a few minutes he said, “I think I need to let you know I have a girlfriend.”  I had been involved with someone for over a year at the time, and was shocked he felt the need to explain his status to someone just being polite.  Besides, I was much taller than he was.
Another time, at the same congregation during my twenties, a friend of mine past away, leaving a husband and two young children.  I was speaking to him two weeks, TWO WEEKS, after her funeral, and a man from church came up to us and suggested we get together.  I was, we both were, flabbergasted, embarrassed and angry!
So today at church after walking over to say hello to two single male friends during the “shake-hands-howdy-do time” I looked over at a recent widower to see how he was faring during the service.  Then I thought, “Avert, avert, avert your eyes.”  I realized in the course of two minutes I had given ammunition for both areas of teasing.
I am not exaggerating with this.  I have sat by single male friends during church and had folks come up afterwards and say how happy they are for us. 
I will be 51 on Wednesday.  That is a lot of years of averting.
Question:   Have you been on the receiving end of the teasing?
Are you guilty of being the teaser?